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ByodBuzz was incorporated with the prime objective of providing On-site and Off-site, Workshops, Training Programs,Information Security Consulting and Penetration Testing Services specializing in Web Application Security, Network Security, and Secure Application Development

Official business partner of EC-Council

ByodBuzz is Official business partner of EC-Council
and is Authorized Test Center

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Programs and Certifications

Check out all the programs and certifications from EC-Council
A global leader in InfoSec Cyber Security certification programs

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Why Choose Us?

We Trained 10000+ Students and Professional within India and Outside too. Our Cyber Security Experts are acknowledged as a security researcher by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, PayPal, Ebay, Adobe, Apple and many of the MNC.

Our Cyber Security Experts not only working with Indian Cyber Cell but with Overseas Cyber Security Cell which shows trust of our client on ByodBuzz.

Our team helped Government bodies, Reputed Colleges, Universities like RGPV, Kanpur University, PSIT, BSNL and Uttar Pradesh Technical University and We also Secured 49 Websites of Kanpur, which are Hacked by Pakistani Hackers on 13 Aug 2013.

Our Approach

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Our Services

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Corporate Training

We provide Corporate Training To Companies all over the world with wide ranges of training programmes

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Virtual Training

Our trainer schedules virtual training where you can learn the courses online from across the world

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Classroom Training

You or Your team flies down to our classroom sessions in New Delhi and go through the training

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Our trainers fly to your premises, anywhere in the world to provide you with the courses

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Our Services

Technical Workshops

We believe in Quality, so we don't teach like other Companies, Our Training is full of Practical Session

Summer Training

There is no better Place to invest in Summer for Technical training, joining us . We give you 80 hours in one month

Internship / Industrial

Our Internship / corporate Training Program are designed for students who are looking to master their technical skills.

Campus Ambassador

Ambassador Program is a chance for you to become a part of the organizing team Member of Training & Workshops

Security Audit

We provide complete solution for the security of your website, network, software etc. Our Team provides best Solution.


We value your business & money, we can design & develop custom software & Website, App as per your needs

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